Baroque Ensemble

"La Folía"

Pedro Bonet flautas de pico/recorders
Belén G. Castaño flautas de pico/recorders
Fernando Sánchez bajoncillo tenor y bajón/tenor dulcian& bass dulcian
Alberto Martínez Molina clave/harpsichord
Adrián Rodríguez viloncello barroco/baroque cello

Director: Pedro Bonet

The Baroque Ensemble "La Folía" was founded in 1977 in Madrid (Spain) to explore and interpret the rich repertory of the 17th and 18th centuries played with the flavour of original instruments. The name comes from the Spanish "Folía" (called "Follia" in Italian, "Folies d’Espagne" in French), which designate a representative "melody up on a ground" of Hispanic origin.

Since its foundation, "La Folía" has brought before the public several programmes of baroque music, presenting different settings according to its principal forms (Sonata, Triosonata, Cantata, Concerto...), and a repertory often chosen upon monographic themes ("Cantatas and Instrumental music of Spanish Baroque", "Neapolitan Music", "Baroque music of Madrid", "Early Baroque music", "Instrumental Variations", "Vivaldi Chamber Concertos",...).

"La Folía" has toured regularly in Spain and abroad, giving performances in Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Jordan, Colombia and throughout the countries of Central America. It has made several broadcasts for radio and TV (RNE 2, TVE, RNC, CTC), recorded a CD of "Baroque Music of Madrid", commissioned by "Madrid European Capital of Culture" in 1992, the CD "Instrumental Music in the Age of Velázquez", and a recording with original instruments for the soundtrack of the film "King of Naples", directed by Juan Miñón, which won in 1995 the Golden Palm and the Honour Mention to the music at Valencia’s Mostra de Cine.


Pedro Bonet

Founder and director of the Baroque Ensemble "La Folía", was born in Paris in 1956. He studied recorder with R. Escalas, and in 1978 he obtained with honours his Recorder’s Superior Degree at Madrid’s Conservatory. He was granted a scholarship to pursue advanced studies with K. Boeke and W. van Hauwe at the Sweelinck Conservatorium of Amsterdam. He lived four years in Holland before returning to Spain in 1983.

Besides his active concert life playing in different chamber settings with "La Folía" and as a soloist with different orchestras, Pedro Bonet is Recorder Professor in Madrid´s Conservatory and is often invited to give lessons and masterclasses in Spain as well as in other countries.